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"Nomad Travel Photography: Excellent photographs of Morocco, Istanbul & Cairo with an interesting travelogue to each destination. Recommended...

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Thu Aug 14 07:58:06 1997
From: bill daugherty
Subject: Re: Updated PhotoWEb Site!!
Your photos are reproduced brilliantly. I know how difficult it is with scanning and jpg compression. You've done a handsome job and I hope you're pleased.
bill daugherty

Mon Jul 14 09:59:55 1997
From: "Doug Burnett"
Subject: Re: Istanbul Images
I just finished looking though your wonderful photos. They are of some of my favorite cities: I have been to Cairo and Istanbul twice but only one visit to Fez (where the touts almost drove me mad.) I am quite taken by Islamic architecture and was in India last year and the year before I traveled to Syria. My travelogues may be of interest to you ( but my photos, I'm afraid, are nothing compared to yours.
Thanks again for the great photos - Doug
P.S. - the photos of Florence are great too...

Tue Jul 15 14:13:52 1997
Hi, I found your site great...I may put a link into my page. Please visit mine at ... bye...

Thu Nov 13 07:26:43 1997
From: Dieter Rasch
Subject: About your Website
Dear Tewfic El-Sawy,
Your site is quite nice. I often stay in cairo and i love this hectic/silent city. Sometimes i go out of my hotel at 11:00 PM, just for a tea at Thahir sqaure. - go by bicycle to feel the air of the night.
Thanks for this site.

Mon Jun 09 07:56:58 1997
From: "G. Leigh Anderson"
To: "''"
Subject: RE: New Moroccan Web Site
Hi, Tewfic, a very lovely site! I've just updated our page and added your link to (The link will be up later today.) I'd appreciate it if you could link (if you haven't already done so) to our page at Morocco Bound Information for the independent traveler to Morocco.
Leigh Anderson

Tue Jul 08 14:13:48 1997
From: Ili Kudus
Subject: love your site
Organization: Delft University of technology
Hi Tewfic, I visited your site. Apart from the really beautiful photographs, it is one of the best designed (photographic) sites I've seen until now. Everthing looks so refined. On my homepage (see URL at the end of the email) I have put a link to your site. Feel free to visit it and let me know what you think of it. I am wondering: did you designed the site yourself or not?
Best regards,

Wed, 28 Jan 1998 07:13:22 PST
From: "Ivelisse Hernandez"
Subject: Your web Page
Your web page is fascinating. I usually don't send comments, but yours made the difference. I noticed your comment on the resolution of photos. I am a novice with photography and also with the web, but I don't use a scanner I took my negatives to a photo shop and asked them to place them into a CD and then I used a program that can work with Photos (like MS Picture It!). Of course, I am learning, but I can work on the resolution of the photos. I think is better than scanning. Sincerely,

Sun Nov 09 14:43:49 1997
To: "Tewfic El-Sawy"
Subject: Mashallah !!!
Hi Tewfic, Thanks for guiding us to your wonderful photos !! You really have an eye for detail, my friend,...congratulations :-> I enjoyed all of your photos, especially the 'Ottoman'-series... and of course the 'Dervishes' ! Beautiful, I hope I can witness that sometime myself...Thanks again, we really liked it - you must have had a great time in Turkey, and to think that we were stuck here in our small, rainy country at the same time :-> I've also updated your link on our travel page, so I hope you get a lot of visitors... See you,

Thu Sep 04 17:15:23 1997
From: Kate McDonnell
Subject: Re: Nomad Travel Photograpy Web Site
I just wanted to say: I do some photo work myself, and I'm very impressed by this site because not only are the images great, you've made the files small to download and the presentation nice and simple. It's rare! Thanks!
Kate McDonnell

Tue Oct 21 16:40:55 1997
From: "Elisa Mc Gowen"
Subject: Nomad Travel Photos
Hello. My name is Elisa and I'm a junior in High School. For a project, our teacher wanted us to compose a page to be posted on the internet. I'm doing mine on Italian Culture and I really like some of your pictures. Can I please use some on my page. Sincerely Elisa M Gowen

Sun Oct 26 09:44:00 1997
From: Milton Estrella
Subject: Great Photos
I surfed in via att random home pages. I enjoyed your album. Thanks Milt

Sun Feb 08 16:58:54 1998
From: trish pitzel
Organization: universite laval
Subject: are you for real?
I just happened to stumble across your homepage while looking for some info on morocco. Tu es GORGEOUS! je ne pouvais pas resister emailing you just to tell you! Je vois aussi que tu es tres intelligent!
An admirer from the Yukon.

Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:20:08
From: "Susan W. Nissim"
Subject: Your photographs
Hello Tewfic,
You are a difficult person to track down. I saw your pictures on a website for Istanbul and would like permission to use one or two of them on the website I am building for our company, IST Cultural Tours. We are an educational and cultural tour operator in New York.
I saw you cited John Freeley on your page for Istanbul and since I couldn't find out how to reach you I contacted him as he is one of the specialists on our programs in Turkey.
I was also looking at your site for Cairo and I was wondering if you happen to know Tareq Swelim? You have several pictures of Beit Saheimy which is he working to preserve.
The pictures I would like to post on our website are 1. Portal of the Blue Mosque 2. Near the Spice Bazaar (perhaps) and 3. Sultan Ahmet Cami'i (Sinan is one of the people we study. In fact Prof Aptullah Kuran (the foremost authorithy on Sinan) sometimes meets with our group). Your photographs are beautiful and I think truly capture the essence of the cities. There are many I would like to use if I had the room. I do look forward to hearing from you by return.
Susan W. Nissim
Senior Vice President, IST Cultural Tours
New York City

Wed, 14 Jan 1998 13:32:15 +0200
From: Ufuk Ugurlu
Subject: Your page
I am an amateur photographer living in Istanbul. I visited your page and was impressed by your pictures and knowledge. I have seen those places and faces many times but it is a different experience to see in that way by someone outside Turkey. These are the subjects of whom I have always liked to take pictures. I would like to see other ones if there are. I always like to communicate with you about photography.
Best regards,
Oktay Erkan

Mon., 9 March 1998
From: Yair Sachs, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Subject: Istanbul & Florence
Beautiful! We are great admirers of Istanbul ourselves. I have just 'returned' from your Florence & Istanbul portfolios. Beautiful!