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Tewfic's international banking career has allowed him to visit and explore over 33 countries. He is an avid amateur photographer, and has practiced it for almost 12 years. He operates his own darkroom, occasionally processes Ilfochromes and is an eager user of digital imaging and desktop publishing technologies. For most of the photographs on this web site, he used a Canon Elan IIe, with 28-80mm and 75-300mm zoom lenses. He also uses a Nikon 8008, and a pair of battered Canon A1s, and shoots Velvia, and Sensia II.

His photographs of Istanbul were part of the "Turkey: Life, Legend & Landscape" exhibit at the University of Arizona. His photographs of Morocco were also exhibited at the University of Arizona's "North Africa: Captured Light" exhibit.

Tewfic lives in New York, with his wife, two children and a cat.

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